Monday, April 26, 2010


Gaby had more goals at her soccer game on Saturday. She is getting really good. She is really enjoying it a lot too. Great job Sis! This is her getting the goal.

Lili's Sitting

My baby is officially sitting all by herself. She is 5 months old. The last few weeks she's been getting better but this past weekend it's official. Oh my, she's growing way faster than her sisters did.

She's also loving drinking out of our cups when we take a drink, so I bought her her own sippy cup. She loves it! She holds it all by herself too. She thinks she is so much older than 5 months old! I love my Lili!!!

Happy Birthday Marky Karky

Yesterday we all went down to Mark's house to celebrate his birthday. It was a lot of fun. We had a yummy BBQ and yummy chocolate peanut tort, since Karky doesn't like cake. Dave & Holly and their kids went and so did Sean & Erika and their kids....she's having a boy :) The kids had a blast and so did the adults. Mark has a big park area in the middle if all the town homes where he lives. It was super nice to be so close to it. This is where our kids flew their below. HAPPY BIRTHDAY MARKY KARKY!!!! We love you tons!

Flying Kites

Today was the first day our kids got to fly kites, that I can remember at least. They really enjoyed it.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

Family Bike Ride

Papi wanted new bikes for his birthday, one for him and one for me. So we got them and now we can go on bike rides as a family. Super fun! The girls love the idea of it too. We loaded them all into the bike trailer and took off. They loved it. Last summer when Uncle Joe Joe was here, he took the girls on bike rides all the time. So they are so excited for it to start again. Some days they'll ride their own bikes and some days they'll get to ride in the bike trailer. Lili loved it. She was sleeping and I had to get her out of bed so we could go. I thought she was going to be super grumpy but she absolutely loved it.

Happy Birthday Papi

Papi's birthday was great! Papi didn't have to go to work and the girls planned his whole day. We had so much fun. The girls got him balloons and made him birthday cards & gave it to him with his presents (tennis balls). They made breakfast in bed for him, he took Gaby to school, cut the grass, Papi & Isabel went out together, we had lunch then we went to play tennis. Papi really liked his birthday. We love you Papi!


It's time for soccer again. Gaby was so excited this time around. She was practicing before the
game with Papi. She kept telling us how she was going to score all the goals. Well, she scored the first goal and was so proud of herself. She's come along way from the fall, when she first started soccer. In the fall, she didn't care about the ball, she just wanted to run after all the other little girls. Now, she tries to get the ball and wants to score. Go Gaby!

Monday, April 5, 2010

Happy Easter

We had such a nice Easter Sunday. We took photos in a local canyon with Marky Karky and then came home and had a nice Easter dinner. Dave, Holly and kids came over to eat too. Then Sean stopped by later. It is so nice to be near family. Even though it was spur of the minute thing, we all were able to get together, and it was a really nice day. Here are some of the photos that Mark took.
Our family.
Just the girls.
Papi and his girls. This is so Isabel!
Uncle Marky Karky is well loved by our kids.
Gaby is helping Isabel across the muddy part so she didn't get dirty.
Just walking on Temple Square.
Our cute girls!