Monday, June 28, 2010

Granny Thal

Granny Thal is going on a land and cruise tour, with her brother, Uncle Dick. Ironically they started here in Salt Lake. From here they went to Jackson Hole then to Yellowstone. After that I'm not sure but they will end up in Alaska and then go on an Alaskan Cruise. So we went to see her on Sunday morning at the hotel they stayed in, as part of the tour. They were supposed to get in Saturday about 3pm but they missed their flight and ended up getting to Salt Lake at midnight. We had a big shin dig planned while she was here, we still got together but it wasn't the same. So Sunday morning we were at her hotel at 7am and we stole her & Uncle Dick away from the tour until 10am. We had almost 3 hours with them. It was so nice. We went to Liberty Park near Salt Lake. We had never been there. It was so huge. We can spend a whole day there all day. They have swings, slides, cool climbing & swinging things, water play area, tennis courts, pool, and much more. We went there with Granny and Uncle Dick then we took them up to the Capitol. We haven't been there before either and it was really beautiful inside. Then it was time to take them back for the rest of the trip. So these are just some of the photos with them. Oh yeah, Lili is named after Granny. Granny's name is Mary Elizabeth Thal, so Lili is Liliana Elizabeth Loera. So I had to get a photo of them together and one with all 9.75 (Cooper is almost done cooking) great-grand kids! Have fun Granny & Uncle Dick!

Monday, June 21, 2010

Happy Father's Day

So yesterday was a really nice day. The girls woke up early to get their presents and cards ready to give to Papi. Then they went in and woke him up singing "Happy Father's Day to you..." (like happy birthday). They gave him a Kenny G CD and he got an ipod touch. He is so spoiled!!!! The girls planned most of the day. They wanted to do presents, breakfast in bed (huevos ranchos con tocino y jugo his favorite), and watch a movie in bed with him. So we started the movie while I was making breakfast. Then my brother shows up and starts doing the work he was going to do on Saturday with Enrique. So we paused the movie, the kids played with Carter, their cousin and Enrique and Sean were out doing a bit of yard work while I was telling them where to put everything! hahaha Then Sean left and breakfast was ready. We ate and then they went downstairs to finish the movie. In the mean time, I am trying to make rolls for dinner and cleaning the house a bit. Then I realized that it was my turn to teach the MiaMaids (14-15 year old girls) at church. So I had to find time to finish my lesson, get ready for church, get all the kids ready, bake the rolls, and finish my lesson. It didn't happen. We were going to have dinner with Dave & Holly and the kids so Holly came and got the 4 pans of rolls that were rising, watermellon, wings, and all ingredients to make the wings and sauce. Oh yeah, I had to stop nursing Lili so I had to find time to sit down and pump before going to church. Then I saw Lili, she had food all through her hair and body. So Enrique and kids went to church. I stayed to give Lili a bath and then went to church 10 minutes late. After church, we went to my brother's and had such a yummy dinner. The boys really liked it. We had wings, corn on the cob, green beans, rolls, twiced baked potatoes, watermellon, and chicken nuggets for the kids who didn't want wings. The for dessert, we had ice cream sundays. We were all so stuffed!!!!!! We had a great day. Happy Father's Day Love. We are go grateful for you and appreciate you more than you know!!!!!

Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Today was Isabel's first ballet class. She woke up early and started talking about her class, what to take, and when to go. She was ready to go by 7:15, her class is from 9:45-10:30. She packed her ballet bag last night and had everything ready. She even took an extra skirt for her cousin who is in the same class, she had some snacks too...just in case they got hungry. hahahaha She is so funny. We had to take photos before we left too. She was very particular about showing her bag with the ballerinas on it. Once we got to the dance studio, she went straight into the studio but there was a different class in it. I called her several times to come back and she didn't. The teacher had to come and shut the door. She was so excited to go she just had to get in there! Once class started, her and Avery (her cousin) just stood on their dots and watched the other girls doing what the teacher asked them to do. Then the door closed and we left. When we picked her up, both girls were doing what the rest of the class was doing. It was really sweet to watch. Then they came out and both girls were talking so fast about the class and the different moves and positions they did and how much fun they had. I am so glad we put her in ballet for the summer!

Water Fun

So I bought this waterpiller so the girls could play in the water but its arms kept tangling up. Despite the tangle they had a ton of fun with it. Lili didn't go in it. The photos of her are on her 7 month birthday. We took the waterpiller back and got a pool, the hard plastic kind, and by the time I tried on all the different bathing suits on her, it was too windy and looked like a storm was coming, so I just took photos instead. Don't you love her chubby legs!

Jake Webber's Home Coming

Sunday was Jake Webber's home coming. He served in the California Sacramento Mission. Our family (Dave, Sean & Mine) took up 2 rows of the chapel, they have a small chapel. So with the Webber family, our family, and some of Jake's friends, more than half the chapel was full just to see and hear him give his "report". It was really neat. He told of a story of a woman he ended up teaching and then she chose to be baptized. Well, it was very similar to my mom's story of when Mark Webber baptized her on his mission. It was so neat to see how Jake's mission has changed him and he had to truly rely on the Lord throughout his 2 years of service. After sacrament meeting we went back to their house and ate and stayed a while. It was really nice to hear stories from Jake and his family. The kids had a blast in their back yard with the swing set, trampoline, basketball court, and tree house, we could barely get them to eat. Mark, my brother, arrived when we were all about to leave so we stayed longer until he was ready to leave. Isabel saw him and wouldn't let him out of her sight. She was glued to her "Marky Karky" to say the least. It was a really nice day. It was so good to see all the Webbers and their extended family and to catch up with one another. I am so grateful to be a part of their family too! Just a quick fact- my mom named my brother after Mark Webber and Alan Carlow, the missionaries that baptized her, hence my brother's name is Mark Alan.

Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Precious Girls

I am so grateful to be these little silly girls' mom. I am really really grateful I get to stay home with them and not have to work. It's not the easiest, but the rewards far out way the bad days. I love you Gaby, Isabel, & Lili so very much!!!!


Enrique dances with the kids several times a weeks. They absolutely love it, especially Isabel. She will even watch the videos and then go dance with her Papi and get all the moves right. Oh, it is Latin dancing, of course, salsa, cumbias, and more.

Our Garden

We finally got our garden in on the weekend. We've had the plants for a while now, but it has snowed a few times after we got the plants so we couldn't plant them. The kids are so excited to have a garden again this year. I can't wait to harvest them and bottle everything. Yum!

Saturday, June 12, 2010


Uncle Sean put her in this basket to hide from Papi.

Discovery Gateway- Children's Museum

We went to the Children's Museum last Wednesday and we took Auntie Erika, Carter, & Kenzie with us. The kids had such a great time. We were there for almost 3 hours just going at the kids' pace. I really like this new kids museum. We got a pass to go for a year, through our good friends, and it has been wonderful. We've gone so many times. Some of the different things they have there are: balls going through tubs of all shapes and sizes, kids size house, grocery store, water playing area, garden, rock climbing wall, farm & a baby section on the first floor. The second floor has a real helicopter, weather station, big stacking block, puzzles, many hands on science stations, & much more. These photos are just a few from the day.

Monday, June 7, 2010

Bees Game

Sean (my brother) got tickets to go to the Bees game (a minor league baseball team here). He had enough tickets for his family, my family, and Dave's (my other brother) family too. We had such a terrific time. All the kids did great, even Lili. I was pleasantly surprised. A 'nice stranger' a few rows behind us bought our kids cotton candy. The cotton candy lady came over and gave it to Isabel. She said "I was told to give this to you." Isabel's eyes were going to pop out and her jaw drop off, she was so excited. Then the lady came back and gave one to Gaby. It was so nice. So of course, they shared with their cousins. Then the Bee came out and all the kids went crazy. We were 3 rows from the dugouts, where he was standing. We were so close to him. After the game, there were fireworks. Once again, all the kids loved it, including Lili. Not a peep out of her. I was covering her ears and she was just watching them and then fell asleep during the show with all the loud booms. Thanks Sean, we all had a great time!

Salt Lake Fire Station No. 8

After the Bees game we were walking to our van and the firemen were letting the kids go in the fire station and look around. They took a liking to our kids and the one let them try on their helmets. Then another fire truck pulled into the station and the one fireman set up a 'special tour' for them, and the cousins too of get one you get them all! So the kids got to go inside the firetruck. They were all so excited and loved it. Then Gaby wanted her photo with a fireman. I am so grateful that they let the kids do that, our kids will remember it forever. The men working at this fire station were so nice, kind and kid friendly. I don't think I've ever seen such kind and kid friendly professionals like they were. When we were leaving they even remembered our kids names, out of the many that came through, and said bye to them. A big heartfelt thank you to the firemen at Salt Lake Fire Station No. 8. You can add my kids (our family) to the numbers of other people who see you as heros. May God bless you to always to go home to your families. Thank you for what you do!


Gaby is always asking to get roller skates. We were at my brother's house and she was using his kids' skates. She did pretty good. No hurtful falls. She is so much like me and I'm a clumsiest person ever, so I wasn't sure skates would suit her or not, I am happily wrong, they suit her. And she loves it.

Liliana's Almost Crawling

Lili is so close to crawling. She'll be sitting and then taking a few crawls then flattens to her belly. It is so exciting to watch.