Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Trick or Treat

The kids were so ready to go trick or treating.  I was taking photos then Papi got home and we got a photo with him too because he had to dress up for work.  Then our first trick or treater's were our girls!  hahaha  They had fun and got tons of candy.  Lili made it half way around the block then started asking to go home and go to bed.  Needless to say she didn't nap today!  

Halloween at School

This year the kids were allowed to dress up for school.  So instead of wearing their real costumes, it was back to the dress up box.  Gaby was an army girl and Isabel was a witch.  They were super excited.

Saturday, October 27, 2012

Trunk or Treat

Tonight was our ward/neighborhoof trunk or treat.  The kids had fun and got plenty of candy.

My sweet little pumpkin!

Getting ready for it to start.

Going around to all the trunks.

Wood Pile

After the wood was all cut, we didn't have time to stack it all properly, so it kinda sat in the yard for a week.  Well, it was going to be raining so I made a stack of wood on the backside of the garage, which was the wrong spot......but it was out of the rain and snow so we could use it at least.  Anyway, this morning, Enrique fixed it all and piled it all properly and secured it so the wood wouldn't fall off the ends, then put up the fence too.  So now we don't look like white trash's all organized.  Thanks babe!

Friday, October 26, 2012

Halloween Mini Carnival

Sean stoppedby earlier today to show me his 'costume', it was pretty funny.  He also invited us to their little neighborhood carnival, Enrique was working late, so we went and the kids had fun.  They chose costumes out of the dress up box instead of their real halloween costumes wouldn't get ruined somehow.

This is his costume, his hair.

How aweful is that?!  hahaha  only he can pull this off!

Thursday, October 25, 2012

First Snow

It's been cold and rainy the past few days.  However, shortly after Enrique's alarm went off, so did our power.  I went and got a flashlight so he could have some light while he showered, then I went out and got some wood to make a fire.  Man, I am so grateful that the wood is all cut up.  I went out, got an arm full, came in and poof, there was fire.  The kids woke up after Enrique left for work.  I called the school and they did have power so Gaby went to school.  Then the other two went outside to play.  They loved it.  They were out there for some time.  I called the power company to see if there was a time frame of when our power would come back on.  The lady told me "hopefully sometime today."  I laughed and thanked her.  Then I started setting up the house like we did last December.  I put blankets over the entry way and kitchen doors and closed the bedroom and bathroom doors, kept the fire big, got blankets and pillows out and read books, played games and had a good time.  After 5 hours, our power did come back on and life went on as normal.  I am glad we have a "plan" for when we loose power and it is a fun adventure instead of an inconvenience. (The school lost power after about 30-45 min of school starting and never let parents know until school was almost out, Gaby came home freezing and Isabel was cold so they sat in front of the fire for a really long time.  I am not so happy with the school.)

Wednesday, October 24, 2012


I am horrible however, I had to take this photo of Lili during our dinner prayer.  She never has both eyes closed, her left eye is ALWAYS open.  It is hilarious though.  This time she actually kept them both closed and looked so cute and concentrated so hard to keep them both closed, it was photo worthy!

Cute Hair

Every day, Isabel asks me to do her hair the same way or same out of three choices.  I haven't done this in months and it turned our pretty cute so I took a photo at Mateo's doctor's visit.  I'm still pretty impressed!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Fall Break- Day 4

Our last day of fall break was nice and relaxing.  We had a nice yummy breakfast and then went to church.  Then we came home ate and went on a walk.  The kids found some leaves to play in so we let them play for a bit.  Came home, had dinner and a family movie.  Thanks Papi for take some time off of work to help make fall break awesome!!!!!

Saturday, October 20, 2012

Fall Break- Day 3

Today we went on a family bike ride.  First we had to get all the bikes ready.... patching tires, fixing chains, pumping up the tubes..., which took a while.  We just went down the hill to a school and the kids could ride and then play.  Then Papi took an extra bike for Lili to try.  She loved it, she felt so big.  Then Papi got to play with all the kids and then we had to race back to get ready for Nanna's birthday party.
Nanna's party was fun.  They had a princess bounce house, pizza, cupcakes, cookies and face painting.  After Nanna's party we went to the Elders Quorum party.  Same....bounce houses and pizza.  Wow!  way too much pizza for a life time.  Today was a long fun day.

Getting the bikes ready.

Lili's getting the bike trailer out.

She hooked it up to her bike for a while, it was pretty cute.

The big girls thought that was great, so they all took turns
being inside the trailer and pushing and riding the bike too.

Isabel's excited her bike is working properly again.

Gaby loves riding her bike.
Off we go....

Cute Papi and kids.

My boy patiently waiting to get out.

Lili's first time on a big bike.
She was loving it!

Mateo loving the slide and Papi.

Packed back up.

Isabel and Gooney have cool face paintings at Nanna's party.
Nanna dropped some cake and she's licking it up....hahahhaha

Gaby, Ashely and Mateo having fun.

Elders Quorum party time.

This bounce house was like an obstacle course.

Fun times.

Friday, October 19, 2012

Fall Break- Day 2

Today was a day filled with lots of fun.  We started off by having a fire because we haven't turned our heat on so we have fires a lot and the upstairs gets warm.  However, thanks to our wood getting all split, it was much easier to get started.  The boys finished splitting the wood and took the splitter back. By the time he got home, the van was loaded up and we were ready to go.  I pack a picnic lunch and had bikes, scooters, sand toys, balls, frisbee, and other stuff to have fun at our mountain park.  Plans changed and we had to run and get oil for the van and Papi did a record breaking oil change.

We went to Cherry Hill and had our picnic and went mini golfing.  The kids loved it!  I kinda forgot how competitive Enrique and I are, it was a lot of fun!   We all had so much fun. Then the girls got to play at a park at Cherry Hill while I nursed the baby.   After that, we went to a few stores and Papi got something for everyone.  Then we went to Golden Corral for dinner.  The kids ate and ate and ate.  They had cotton candy there and all the kids had some, but Lili really got into it.  It was a nice fun packed day.
Waking up to see this, it was precious!

Lili loving the fire too....

.....and the swing.

Last one....

....finished.  Hooray!

A lot of wood!
Picnic at Cherry Hill.

Silly Lili

Mini golf time.
She did great.

Finally getting a hold of it.

Papi's turn.

Photo time.

Where's Papi?  Lili?

Why are you smiling so big love?

Lili loved it.

Oh Poppet!

Hole in ONE!!!!!
Lili playing at the park.

Climbing up the big toy.

Cotton candy time.

Silly photo.

Time to clean silly Lili.