Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day

We went with Dave's family (my brother) to our "Mountain Park" as our girls call it. It is a beautiful, enormous park we found in Mountain Green, just 20 minutes northeast of us. We planned on being there all day. In fact, we were there 7 hours. How can we spend that long at a park you ask? Easy! The kids started off playing in the sand, then they went to swings, we ate, they played soccer, they wrestled with 'orange power', road bikes, and then went back to the sand. It was such an enjoyable day.

More Lili

I just couldn't resist talking these photos of Lili. She looked so cute playing with them. She looked really cute with Uncle Dave too.

Kindergarten Graduation Program

Gaby had her kindergarten program on Friday. The kids sang songs in between a slide show of each child from kindergarten that the teachers put together. It was really nice. Yes, I got all chocked up, I am going to have a 6 year old in less than a month and she will be going into 1st grade. I just can't believe how fast time goes by. Anyway, these are a few photos of her special day, one during her program, one at her desk with her diploma, one with her teacher, Mrs. Taylor, and other photos of some of her friends (Prestly, Taya, & Kaylee).

Book of Mormon

The girls had a primary activity two weeks ago and they came home with gumballs, new scripture bags, and a scripture pencil (they already had their own Book of Mormon's, those who didn't were given one). So now this is what I see after lunch everyday. Talk about learning from your kids! Gaby reads it to Isabel and then Isabel gets to read- Gaby reads it and Isabel repeats. It is such a "sweet" experience. They get to chew a gumball for as long as the flavor lasts until they are to stop. So they are really enjoying it. Some days they will read several times....I think it just for the gumball but maybe they really are interested in Nephi building the ship. But like I said earlier, it is a sweet experience. This is getting them in the habit of reading on their own time. We read every night as a family but they are reading on their own.

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Temple Square

Liliana & I went with our young women to the Music and Spoken Word on Sunday. It was really nice. Of course, no one under 8 can go in for the live recording, so we went to the visitor center to watch it. This was Lili;s first photo with the pretty flowers down there. Oh the cute Lili!

Monday, May 17, 2010

Fiesta de Chile

We went to a fiesta on Saturday night. It was so much fun. One of Enrique agents was having a fundraiser for those effected by the earthquake and tsunami in Chile. The money raised is going to help rebuild homes that were destroyed. We told the girls about the fiesta and why they were having it. What happened next is something I wasn't expecting. After talking about what the earthquake did, we showed them photos of the destroyed buildings. Then Gaby went and got her money and gave it to me. She said, "Here Mom, I want to give all my money to help them get their houses back." Isabel did the same. When we got to the event, both of them got their money out and gave it to the person taking donations. I was so proud of my girls. We didn't ask them to give their money. We weren't telling them about this so they would give their money but they chose to and really wanted to. They surely didn't let us forget about giving them their money to give to help rebuild Chile, they kept reminding us every 5 minutes or so, just to make sure we didn't loose it (hahaha). It was a humbling experience. We ate dinner there too. We had delicious Chilean hot dogs. Don't dis hot dogs until you've had them like this. After we ate they had a raffle. They had many different items you could potentially win. Then it was more dancing. Oh, my goodness. My kids LOVE dancing, especially to Latin music ("canciones de Abueltio"). Gaby only came back to the table to get a drink and went back to dance more. Isabel lasted until about 8:30pm but Gaby kept going. Lili loved it too. Enrique and I danced, obviously with Lili, and she was smiling and giggling like crazy. She loves dancing too. Enrique dances with the kids a lot at home and she's already use to it. We had such a nice evening out as a family, one the kids are bound to remember, all for a great cause too.

Barnes Park

We went to this park with some friends after dinner one night last week. We have been to this park many times but just to the one play area and to feed the ducks. We did some exploring and found out that this is a massive park. It has several play areas, basketball courts, sand volleyball courts, baseball fields, soccer fields, picnic shelters with grills & more. This pretty little stream runs through it. It is beautiful. The kids loved it. They fed the ducks and played in the sand and buried themselves in it. As much as the kids love the sand, I dislike it. I don't like the fact that days later I find sand throughout the house and in their hair, even after baths. Yuck!

First Time in a Buggy

Today was the first time Liliana sat in a buggy. She absolutely loved it. I sanitized the buggy like crazy. She was loving it so much. It was at Ross, Papi got some new shirts and shoes for work. You could totally tell that Lili felt like such a big girl.

Saturday, May 15, 2010

6 Months Old

Lili is 6 months old today. She is such a happy little joy. We are so grateful for her and the happiness she brings into our family. She is just full of love and
well loved in our home and by her cousins too, well the whole family. She is always full of smiles.

Monday, May 10, 2010

Cute Lili

My cute Lili didn't know what to do sitting in the grass. I've always put a blanket under her on the grass, except yesterday. By the end of these 4 photos, she was not so happy. She liked touching the grass with her hands but not with her legs. My sweet baby!

Mother's Day

Yesterday was Mother's Day here in the good ol' USA. It was really lovely. Enrique and kids serenaded me till I woke up, gave me their presents and cute cards, then they made me a very yummy breakfast. They also made a yummy dinner too. Today in Mexico is Mother's Day. So I get to have 2 Mother's Days. Yippee for me!!!!!

Monday, May 3, 2010

Lili's Eating Solids

Lili has been interested in eating real food for some time now. I tried giving her some solids a few weeks ago but she would just gag on them. So I am trying again and she's getting a hold of it. I guess I should have started with green beans instead of peas, I mean who likes peas anyway. She is loving green beans. She's also very interested in eating her bib too. Oh Lili!

Stake Conference

Yesterday was our Stake Conference. Our stake was invited to attend at the Conference Center in Salt Lake. The girls were so excited about going inside this time for conference (during General Conference you have to be 8 years old or older to go inside). Elder Hales got up and spoke and the girls knew it was him. The last speaker was President Eyring, the girls knew him too. It was just one of those tender mercy moments. The girls know the First Presidency and 12 Apostles and how thrilling it was for them to get to see them and hear them speak. After it was over, as President Eyring is leaving, he was waving to the congregation and the girls were waving back. Then Gaby took off. She was determined to get to him and say 'bye' to him. When she realized he left, she cried so hard. She was so upset that she didn't get to say 'goodbye' to him. We had to explain to her that that was why he was waving because he couldn't say bye to every single person there. We took her down to the podium, where they speak from and she felt a little bit better. I have to admit, we never wanted to live in Utah but I am so grateful for these moments that our girls are learning the gospel in ways they couldn't if we didn't live here. I am so grateful for the spirit that the girls felt today and the experience that they will always remember.