Sunday, September 19, 2010

Tiger Ride

The girls are always asking to ride these kind of toys at the stores. I did it one other time with Lili and she loved it. This time she saw the Tiger and started going crazy to ride it. She was all excited. The photos don't show it because I couldn't find my camera at first but at least I found it, right? hehehe

Lili's 10 Months

Lili is 10 months old now. I tried putting her hair in a little pony & it worked. Before this it wouldn't stay. If I don't put it up it sticks straight up.

Our darling little ones

So I bought these skirts at different times at either second hand shops or yard sales but they are basically the same skirts, Gaby's is a bit different but Isabel's & Lili's is exactly the same. Our girls are so sweet.

Pony Rides

We went to a birthday party of one of Enrique's client's little girl. They had a fun bouncy house and pony rides. The kids loved it. Of course, there was a pinata too.

Soccer Time

It's soccer time again. Gaby's team is pink this year but she got the same number as last year...#2. She is playing in the big girl ages, so the field is twice as big as last year & they have positions now too. She got her first goal yesterday! Yeah for Gaby!

Park Fun

Lili really loves walking with her walker, even in the grass!


Lili kept getting into all the boxes of veggies we picked at the farm. She was eating jalapenos, green peppers, chile chilaca, and her favorite was this tomato. She ate more than half of it. She cried if we took it away or it dropped. It was hilarious!

Our Sad Little Garden

So this is pretty much the only harvest we've gotten out of our little garden this year, 2 more green peppers and that's it. We waited until all the frosts in spring & well obviously way too late. Next year will be better! We went out to Day Farms and picked every thing we wanted so I could can. So we still got veggies from a garden, even if it was the farm.


We were on a walk & came across flowers that matched Isabel's shirt, so she just had to have a photo!