Saturday, June 30, 2012

Hair Cuts

Today after Gaby's b-day party, Papi went on a date with Isabel.  Then he calls and says to be ready in 30 minutes.  He took us all to get hair cuts.  A new place was just opening up and all cuts were $1.  It was nice and best part is, it was cheap!






Fresh cuts!

Gaby's 8 B-day Party

Gaby had her 8th birthday party today.  She had so much fun!  She had a rainbow tie-die cake.  The tie-die part didn't turn out as well as I planned but the rainbow part turned out great.  She invited a few friends for her party and of course of all of her cousins were here too.  They all just had a lot of fun. 



Friday, June 29, 2012

Gaby's 8

Today is Gaby's 8th birthday.  I can't believe she is 8 all ready.  Today was suppose to be all about her, but it was memorable as it was.  We ran to do some errands in the morning and then Papi was coming home early to take her to Boondocks for her b-day. 

We went to Hobby Lobby first, for some things for the party.  We packed up in the van and pulled out and the van was chocking.  I couldn't figure out what it was.  Then I realized that we ran out of gas.  The light never came on and it looked like I was fine to go even a day or two more, however I was really wrong.  So I was going to try to "run" for it but last minute pulled into a parking stall and parked.  We all got back out and walked in the 100 degree weather to the nearest gas station, which was at most 1 mile away.

We got to the gas station, walked in to buy a gas can and this tiny little thing was $13.  I was shocked.  So I asked the girls if they could make it to Walmart, which is another half mile or so away.  So off we go, well the gas can was $13 but for a 2 gallon can instead of half gallon.  I felt terrible.  I made them walk that much further in the heat.  We got back to the gas station filled up the can and then we were off. 

We got back to the van, I had the kids sit on the grass in the shade drinking cold water.  I try to fill the tank, which the gas was going in a trickle at a time.  Then some guy walks up to me and asks me for $.  I thought he was going to ask if he could help, but no, he asked for change so he could go buy a cold drink.  I gave him some and he walked around the other side of the van and stopped.  Then I got super nervous, so I pray super hard for the gas to come out a bit faster and for the man to keep walking away.  He did hesitantly though.  I told the kids to hurry and get in and we were out of there.  We had enough gas to get to the gas station and fill up.  WOW!  What a trip!  Then we still had to do our shopping.  A one hour outing turned into a five hour outing!

We got home in time for her to go to Boondocks with Papi.  Then when Mark got home from work, we went to Golden Corral for Gaby's b-day dinner.  Then Papi took her back to Boondocks and they got home at midnight.  They had a great time!!!  She got to do everything, bowl, arcades, mini golf, drive go-carts by herself and go-carts where Papi drove, & bumper boats.  She loved it and Papi was exhausted when they got back.  She had a long fun birthday.  Happy birthday Gaby, we love you tons!!!!!


Thursday, June 28, 2012


Today was the dentist appoinments for all the girls.  This was Lili's first time and she did great.  She loved it! 

Wednesday, June 27, 2012


Lili loves playing on Gaby's iPod.  She looks so big.  She can use it better than I can!

Tuesday, June 26, 2012


We were planning on buying a big pool this summer for the kids.  However, our neighbors gave us their old one that they had just updraded from.  We had it for two days and the kids all but ate and slept in it.  They were in it all day.  BUT, there were many leaks, too many.  We patched them and new ones would show then they just got too big and I was done with it.  So we let a week pass and we jus tbought a new one over the weekend.  It is much bigger and nicer.  So here are photos from the little one and the new one.  Gotta love it, now they are living in the pool again.  They are getting super dark.

Oh Lili!

Isabel swims a while and freezes so she gets out to get warm.

Nanna and Carter came to play too.

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Sweet Boy

A photo of my sweet boy sleeping.  (I finally finished this blanket he is sleeping in, it turned out pretty cute too.)

Saturday, June 23, 2012


Today we participated in our ward's 5k run/walk.  I was so nervous the kids wouldn't make it but they did.  They did a great job.  We walked most of it but jogged some also.  It was really nice. 

Thursday, June 21, 2012

Our Mountain Park

I took the kids up to the mountain park to spend the day.  They had a lot of fun.  We had a picnic lunch and then they played in the sand, on the playground equipment and swings.  I couldn't get the baby to sleep so we packed up and came home.  They had fun while it lasted though.

Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Dinosaur Park

We went to the Dinosaur Park today up in Ogden.  It was a spurr of the moment trip.  Mark forgot his wallet, so he asked if I'd bring and a lunch, so we did.  We packed a lunch for us as well and we took off.  We were planning to come in two more days but it just worked better for wise too.  Today it's only high 80's and Thursday it will be 100. 

The kids enjoyed it.  Lili loved all the 'osaurs' as she calls them.  This time going the kids got to play on the playgroud outside, most things were too hot though.  All in all, they  really enjoyed it.

This guy was hot, as Lili is saying.  hehehe