Sunday, January 29, 2012

My Mama

I came in to the living room to see this, it was hilarious, she was sining at the top of her lungs with the hymn book.

Saturday, January 21, 2012

Snuggle Time

Both Lili and Mateo wanted Papi.  They needed some time to snuggle and go back to sleep.

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Random Photos

These are just random photos since Mateo has been home. 
Lili loves holding him.

Gaby was talking to him and he was looking at her.  She was very excited!

Isabel asked to hold him and next you know all three of them are sleeping.  It was super cute!

He's her baby!
He looks so much like Enrique in this photo.

Sun bathing (in January) to help his jaundice to go away.

Super comfy.

Papi gave him his first bath at home and now he's combing his hair.

Next, time for a little snooze together after the very exhausting bath.

He's sucking his thumb.

Grandma time.


Lili just loves him to pieces!
Bye Grandma, thank you for taking care of us.  We love you.

Holding Papi's finger.

Mateo put Papi to sleep, hehehe!

Wednesday, January 11, 2012


The girls weren't allowed to come see Mateo at the hospital.  So they came with Grandma to pick us up.  But they couldn't wait to get home to hold him.  Here is each of the girls with him.  Already loving him so much!  They are doing great with him.

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Mateo Enrique Loera

The night before Mateo was born, we had a really nice enjoyable evening. Enrique's parents arrived about 4pm and my mom about 10:30pm. However, before the kids went to bed, Enrique gave me a priesthood blessing. It was really nice. He blessed me to have a fast recovery and I would regain the my full strength and that the baby would be healthy. I think we went to bed around 1am because we just kept wanting to talk all together.
The day Mateo was born was nice and relaxing.  I've not had an afternoon c-section before.  I thought I would be too anxious, which I was a bit, but I also had time to think about him coming and take our time and not rush around, dropping the other kids off.  My mom and Enrique's parents were here, so they dropped the kids off before they came up to the hospital because we had to be there 2 hours before the scheduled time for the delivery.
Everything went according to plan, almost.  After Mateo was born, the doctor was 'tying' my tubes (it's too dangerous for me to have more children) the right side was fine and then he was doing the left side.  My left fallopian tube had scared itself to a vein that was under it from my previous c-sections.  So it was being difficult and kept falling apart into pieces.  It also kept bleeding and the doctor kept trying to sew it and stop the bleeding but 45 minutes later he got it to stop bleeding and sewed me up.  Needless to say, my left side had intense pain, above and beyond the normal c-section pain.  It was pretty terrible actually. 
However, this time around, Enrique got to hold the baby in the operating room for a few minutes, so I got to see him too.  We didn't have a name ready for him, we had some we liked but the only thing firm was his middle name.  But as soon as we were talking to him, Enrique said "he's a Mateo for sure".   Thank goodness it came because I was a bit nervous not having a name picked out.  It was hard, nothing felt right but we just had to meet him first and then it felt right.
After the c-section I was in the recovery room for an hour, while there I got to hold him and nurse him.  It is the most beautiful thing.  I am the only one who can and that is a great bond for him and I.  Before he was born, I didn't really want to nurse him but I was just being super selfish and once he latched on the first time, I was so happy I chose to nurse him.
During my 2 day stay, we had my mom, Enrique's parents, Mark, Sean, Holly, Erika, and Curt & Kami Cox come visit.  It was nice.  Then when we got home, Dave came over to visit.  It so nice to be so close to family.  I know I've written that many times before but it's true.  We are just so grateful to be close to family.  We didn't have anyone close in California or Idaho and now we do and it is a huge blessing in our lives and the lives of our children. 
Now we are complete and it feels right.  Mateo completes our family.  A new chapter in our lives is about to begin.  No more wondering if we have more kids or not, no more being scared to death getting pregnant and delivering-yipee!  I love my precious little family!

Gaby's on her way to school.

Papi is all suited up, ready for his boy!

Dr. Spencer doing his thing.

Mateo getting weighed.

Mateo getting measured and cleaned up.

Boy oh boy, he's got a good set of pipes on him!

He's doing great.

Proud Papi and Abueltio.

Grandma and Mateo.

Abueltia and Mateo.

Abuelito and Mateo.
Who is more proud to have this little boy in our family?

Going home.

Sunday, January 1, 2012


Ronnie and Angel sent the girls these beautiful dresses.  They look so beautiful in them.  Thanks again Ronnie and Angel!