Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Day 11- New Year's Eve

Today was another fun filled day.  The kids wrestled for a really long time this morning while all the adults took turns getting ready.  Abuelito came home for breakfast and joined in the wrestling fun too.  I forgot to say while we were in Chihuahua, Tio and Quique were showing Santiago and Mateo to wrestle in teams and how to help each other.  It was really cute, so all 4 of them have wrestled a lot this trip and when Abuelito has been home, he's in the wrestling fun too.
Today's plan was to go to the elementary school where Quique, Tia and Tio went and they just told all sorts of stories.....mostly how Quique was so awful and how he had to always go to the principles office.  YIKES!!!!!  They all told the story of how Quique would get out of class to go to the bathroom, then he'd go ring the recess bell so all the kids would get out of their classes.  Instead of him getting caught, he'd climb the rope to the top of the bell and get on the roof of the school and run away from the teachers that were trying to get him.  He would run the roof to the back and climb down and blend in with the rest of the kids.  HOLY MOLY!!!!!!  He did it several time too, not just once.
We walked around the building and found the gate was open to the church next door so we went in the parking lot to see the other side of the school and to see the bell and rope Quique would climb up. The kids all loved the story and couldn't believe it really but Lili, poor Lili kept asking him why he would do such bad things and going on like that.  She was so serious about it all.
We also found the gym was opened so we all went in there.  It was the coolest thing of the trip I think.  Just walking into that gym where Quique played basketball for so long, the smell of the gym, the wood floors that creaked and cracked and that were uneven.  Then Abuelita told a story how she played on that basketball court too.  While we were in there, Abuelito showed up with warm bolillo bread.  Everyone was starving and scarfed them down.  Even though Abuelito had to work while we were there, any spare minutes he had, he'd come home and spend them with us even if it was only 30 minutes or whatever.  It was really nice that he could still be with us also.
After we were done at the elementary school in Dublan, we went over to the Academy, where Tia and Quique went to high school.  We got there just about the time the guards were going to lock up but they let us in for 10 minutes to take some photos.  Then we went up to the temple to take some more photos and catch the beautiful sunset.
When we got home, we made dinner and started blowing up the balloons for tonight.  Some kids fell asleep and had naps...which was a good thing.  Gay & Marvin Longhurst came and had dinner with us and the festivities for a while.  Then they left to go spend time with their daughter and her family.  So of course, when it was midnight, we all ate our 12 grapes and then popped all the balloons.  Then everyone kissed everyone and called everyone to wish them a happy new year.  Lili fell asleep just after dinner and was dead to the world.  We couldn't wake her up to do the grapes or balloons but Isabel did wake  up for them.  Those 2 know when their bodies need to sleep and they just go to sleep, usually.  Then the dancing started too.  It was a lot of fun.  I thought we'd go way longer but then everyone was super tired from going to bed super late for the past 2 weeks.  :)  What a wonderful way to end the year and be with our loved ones in Mexico.  We miss them so much and so often and these 2 weeks have just been so filling to our spirits, it's just been so wonderful being here.