Saturday, December 31, 2011

Happy New Year

For New Year's Eve, we had a nice Mexican dinner with Dave and Holly's family.  It was like what you get a Cafe Rio but homemade.  I have to admit, I've gotten quite good at making Mexican dishes!  This one we had tonight is one of my favorites.  Anyway,  we had dinner and then the kids disappeared for about an hour or more. They were just playing with each other so well, we just let them go.  It had been a while since it was just our 2 families getting together.  The adults visited while the kids played.  Then it was time to do the festivities.
The kids mostly blew up the balloons and got them ready.  We got the pinata ready.  We played a few games and then it was time to pop the balloons.  They had a great time doing it.  They race to pop them and then they race to clean it all up too.  After balloons, we went outside and did poppers, the kind the where you through them on the ground and they pop.  Then it was pinata time.  All the kids got turns and then the dove on the candy.  All the kids were in the middle trying to get it all while Lili was filling her bag just by staying on the outside of the crowd and getting all the candy.  She had one of the fullest bags.  It was so funny to watch her figure that out.
Shortly after that, we cleaned up and came home.  We all went straight to bed.  Oh yeah, we do it according to the eastern time zone.  So it was really 10pm when we started.  We got home just after 11pm.  So happy new year!

Friday, December 30, 2011

Happy Anniversary

Today is our anniversary.  Enrique was going to take off but had too much work, so he left the girls in charge.  They were super excited all day long.  They even dressed up in nice skirts to look nice for our anniversary.  They were really cute about the whole thing.  So because they were so excited we had a family anniversary date.  We just couldn't leave them out with them being that excited.  We went to dinner and then they took me to the mall to pick out jewelry.  I wasn't expecting that at all.  Then we were suppose to go get me new shoes but I was exhausted.  It was after 8:30 by that time, so we just came home.  So jewelry and shoes are yet to come.
I've come to find out, Enrique would take the kids out on their dates looking for jewelry and shoes and that is why they were so excited about today.  Thanks everyone for a great anniversary!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

Random Photos

The girls made this "car" on Christmas day.  They worked together for several hours making it.  They had a blast with it.

They fell and were laughing so hard they couldn't get up.

Here Lili helped herself to some popcorn during movie night.  She had a bowl her size but she chose this one.  It was funny watching her get situated with it.

Now Lili is holding Papi so he won't fall off the counter while he is cleaning.  She was so concerned he would fall and get hurt so she decided to hold his ankles for him.

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day

Christmas morning was fun and magical.  The kids came upstairs and saw the tree and presents.  They  came running into our room super excited.  We came out and had to wait for Lili and Mark to wake up.  So they were anxiously waiting.  Once everyone was awake, they tore into their gifts.  We all got spoiled again this year.  Once they were all opened, they played for a long time with their new toys.

Then it was time to go to Sean and Erika's for our gift exchange and lunch/dinner.  The kids all played and had a nice time with their cousins.  We ended up finishing the day there and came home and the kids went to bed.  It was just a nice relaxing day with our little family and a nice time getting all together also.  It's great to be so close to family.

Lili is still sleeping with her eyes open.  hehehe

Gaby's been asking for a guitar for years now.  Thanks Grandma!

She also got a very nice artist kit.

Gaby got an iPod Touch from us and a cute cover from Santa.

She finally realized what it was.

Her very own jewelry box.

Baby bottles and diaper from Gaby.

A new baby from us.

A crib and baby from Santa.

A bag of clothes, toys, and goodies from Ronnie & Angel.

Lili got a little computer.

She also got a doll with snap on clothes.

A mini baby from her sister.

A play pen and baby that crawls from Santa.

A buggie from Grandma.  She love it!  She fills it with everything.

Lili's baby attacking Papi.

Now she's vacuuming with her new vacuum.

Santa brought the girls a new trampoline because the other one was broken.
Mark got lots of mommy's homemade pickles that he loves.

He also got some awesome books and mugs.

The girls got Papi a remote control car.  They were very set on getting this toy for him.
He played with it and so did the kids.  The kids chased it while Papi was driving it.

Papi finally got more popcorn!  He had been out for about a month.

Merry Christmas!

ps.  Mommy got awesome home decor, photos to come.

Saturday, December 24, 2011

Christmas Eve

We had a great Christmas Eve.  We all had a little projects going on during the day.  Enrique and the kids put up the crib in Lili's room and then the kids helped me get all the bedding in place.  Now some of my anxiety is lessened!  I went back to cooking and before we knew it, it was time to go to Dave and Holly's for dinner and the evenings activities.
We kept dinner simple, so everyone just had a few things to bring, which was nice.  Dinner was delicious.  Then we cleaned up and then the kids started their little performances.  They sang together and solo but all enjoyed it.  During all the performances, Lili is trying her hardest to wrestle Caden.  She loves him so much, it's cute.  Then it was time to reenact the Nativity.  Dave read it while the kids acted it out. 
Afterwards, it was present time (jamies).  They all changed, got photos and time for bed.  So we came home and the kids went to bed.  Then the real work began!

Thursday, December 15, 2011

Isabel's 5th Birthday

Isabel is 5 years old now.  WOW!  I cannot believe it.  She is a wonderful little girl, always happy with a great big smile one her face.  Always willing to help with whatever you ask her or what ever she thinks you need.  She is a great sister.  She is a true joy to be around.
Her day was packed full.  She went on a little date with Papi to the dentist.  What kid is excited to go to the a date?  She was.  She was very excited she got her new toothbrush but even more, she got her own floss.  After the dentist, Papi took her to lunch and then got home just in time to go to school.
At school, she had a party too.  Her teachers made her a 3 teared cake with a pink candle that she was very happy about. 
She chose to have an early dinner, so she could spend more time at Boondocks.  She opened her presents and then we went to Red Robin (that's where she chose this year for dinner).  After dinner, we came home and she bundled up, along with Papi, to go finish their date at Boondocks.
While at Boondocks, she had a blast.  They were there for about 3 hours, they stayed until closing.  Papi took her to the bumper boats, and go carts.  They did the go carts 9 times.  They kept winning the races against everyone.  I can just imagine her laughing super hard as they are flying past everyone.  They went inside and she got to bowl and play air hockey and a bunch of other games.  I think the best part was watching her tell me all about it and how much she loves her Papi because he does so many fun things with her.
Two days later we had a birthday party with a family and a few friends.  She had fun but it killed me.  I don't know why I said yes to a birthday party 2 1/2 weeks before this new baby comes.  Non the less, she enjoyed herself.
I am grateful for you in our family Isabel.  I love you tons!