Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Happy Halloween

For family night, we carved our pumpkins. We had so much fun doing it. Gaby chose the biggest pumpkin & cut her top off all by herself. Isabel loved taking out the 'guts' of the pumpkin & choosing the shapes of the face for her pumpkin. Lili liked holding Papi's pumpkin top, eating all the pumpkin junk that fell to the floor, but most of all I think she liked taking the photo in front of the door. We took a ton because someone wasn't looking and she thought it was so cool. She didn't move the whole time. Papi made one pumpkin with lots of cookie cutter shapes. I made the usual pumpkin face of mine & Isabel decided to trade me pumpkins. hahaha Oh ya, we can't forget we cooked the pumpkin seeds and the kids love them!

Little Stinker

Lili thinks she is SO big. She climbed up on this stool with Isabel & tried scooting her over to have the whole stool all to herself. We were making Halloween sugar cookies. That little stinker!

Halloween Party

We went with Sean & Erika to their neighborhood Halloween party. It was supposed to be outside near their house, but it was raining so it was at their church. The kids had a lot of fun. They got to do games, bounce house, decorate cookies, make crafts, and much more.

Lili loves tomatoes

We were at a friends house helping take out their giant garden and the only thing to keep Lili happy was a tomato...actually 2 tomatoes.

Lili's 1st October

Lili loves playing with the pumpkins that we have around the house.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Trip to Richfield, UT

We went on a business trip with my brother Sean to Richfield, UT. We left Thursday night and came home Friday night. Even though it was a short trip, we packed it full of fun for the kids. We met Sean and Kenzie in Springville then drove to the hotel in Richfield. Sean had to go for work and he knows how much we enjoy trips and staying in hotels, so he asked if we wanted an all expense paid trip. Who could say no to that, even if it was to Richfield? We got to the hotel, which was amazing by the way. First things first, jumping on the beds!!! Then we got the kids ready to swim and off we went, swimming until 9:30 pm or so. Went back to the room and bathed them all and off to sleep. Sean left early to do his work. We got to stay and hang out at the hotel for a few hours. We really liked how this hotel was decorated, so Isabel and I went off taking photos of it all over. Then Quique played with the girls. They played hide and seek and pillow fighting. Then we were off. We went to a few sites with Sean for work. While he was doing his thing, we found a park to take the kids to. They got to run and play for a while. Then we had to go to the library, more work stuff but the kids loved it in the children's section. We read books and did puzzles. Then Sean was done with work. On the way home we stopped at Freemont Indian State Park. It was really neat. There were tons of petroglyphs throughout the entire park. We hiked to a few of them. One photo is of "Hundred Hands Cave", "Sheep Shelter", and others. After the first few, I could finally spot some of the petroglyphs before Sean (he's an archaeologist, just so you know). The kids fit through the bars for "Sheep Shelter" and took the photos of it for us (the crab looking ones). They also found a snake along the way. We were shocked Isabel was holding it and touching it all over. She was scared at first then she got "brave." It was a super fun filled day. The kids fell asleep on the way home, Sean too. They were all a bit tired. It was a great time. Thanks so much Sean!!!!

Lili's 11 Months

Lili is 11 months old! I can't believe how fast it's gone by. She is growing super fast too.

Tuesday, October 12, 2010


We went to Punkinaze for family night. We took Dave and Sean's families too. We had a blast. We got there and took a few photos then went to the corn maze. The kids lead us in circles a few times. But it was all in good fun. The rest of the time the kids kept going down the massive slides that were there. It was a really fun family night we got to have with all the cousins too!