Thursday, May 12, 2011

Mother's Day

Mother's Day was a nice relaxing day.   I had to wait for the kids to come 'wake' me up.  They gave me their cards and presents.  It was cute how excited they were.  We went to church, which Lili was the worst she's ever been I think, and then came home.  We all got in our comfy home clothes and were care free.  We played some games, watched a movie and played together.  It was nice.  Thanks for a nice calm day (after church at least!).

Legacy Trail

Yesterday we went on a bike ride along the Legacy Trail.  It is a 14 mile trail that goes from Farmington to North Salt Lake.  It is really pretty.  When we first got there we had a nice picnic lunch and then we went on our bike ride.  I think we only went 6 miles, 3 down and 3 back.  The kids did great.  We were stopping along our way down to talk about what ever they saw...birds, streams, deer, cows, horses, etc.  It only took us an hour but it was great.  We are going to hopefully go there every Saturday and see how far we can get every time.