Saturday, February 22, 2014

Cheyenne & Isabel

Isabel has riding lessons every week with Auntie Rachel.  However, last week Auntie got hurt and couldn't do lessons for the next several weeks.  She set up a 'sub' trainer for Isabel to have this week.  She was so thrilled to ride but also because Papi was going with her, however he didn't show up.  She was so disappointed.  She kept begging Papi if she could groom Cheyenne since it had been a week since she last was.  She was telling him she knew how to do it and where everything was to do it and that Cheyenne is her horse and she knows how to take care of her.  It was really sweet.  Papi let her feed her a bit but decided to leave.  They waited for an hour for the other trainer to show up.  She came home completely devastated.  She just sat next to me and snuggled in and cried.  I felt so helpless.  She loves riding and it means SO much to her.  She loves Cheyenne so much too.  It was so sweet to see how much she truly loves it and knows what to do but if also broke our hearts seeing how hurt she was.  Hopefully next week Auntie is well enough to teach the lesson. 

Friday, February 21, 2014

Isabel's Week

This week Isabel got to take a poster all about her and was up in her classroom all week.  She was the 'student of the week' per say.  She was so excited!

Wednesday, February 19, 2014


Karky will do 'airplane' with Lili &/or Mateo.  This was the first time he did them together....and they loved it of course.  I just thought this was a sweet photo.

Monday, February 17, 2014


We went on a hike with Sean's family this afternoon.  We met at the trail head for Doughnut Hole Falls in Big Cottonwood Canyon.  However, we grossly underestimated it completely.  We get there and people are snow shoeing out in full snow gear.  Since non of us were prepared for what that hike was, we chose a different hike half way down by the 's' curve.  It wasn't nearly as snow covered still and it was still amazing.
We took the wrong trail and when we realized it we were pretty high up the mountain but all the kids were loving it.  So we hiked back down and got on the right trail.  We took tons of photos, which by the reaction of Sean's kids, they aren't use to it.  But they were happy to do it for us.
We all had fun hiking up the stream, some feet getting wet, but still lots of fun.  I couldn't believe how good Lili is at hiking.  I know she loves it and she asks to go ALL the time but she really has a knack for it, I can see it being a huge hobby for her when she's older.
We got tons of great photos, the kids had a great time and we realized no matter what, being positive and making the most of what it is, is the best outcome which was still enjoyable and worthwhile even though we didn't have snow shoeing gear....hahaha
Today was wonderful and packed full of fun family time.  I hope it will always be like this when the kids are much older and grown....with families of their own too.  I love my awesome family!