Thursday, May 30, 2013

Jumping in the Garbage

I weeded the back yard today.  Man, I am shocked by the weeds.  There were SO many!  They couldn't fit in the green waste can with out the kids stomping them down inside.  So of course they all had to have a turn (Gaby was in school).

Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Lili's Last Day

Today was Lili's last day of school.  We made Mrs. Wiscombe this cute jar filled with smarties, crayons on the outside, and a photo on the lid.  It turned out pretty cute.  Jackson's mom made a similar one for Mrs. Ford.  Lili wrote both teachers a thank you note too.  She has loved this program and has done so well.  She had the best teachers any one could ask for.
So she asked me if she could wear a dress, have gorgeous hair (just curled hair), and wear my lip gloss so she can look gorgeous!  hahahaha I laughed so hard, how could I say no to that? 
Jackson and Lili will be in the same class next year but with different teachers,  Lili will probably graduate out of the program right away too.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Memorial day- Mountain Park

After riding, we all went home and packed up for the mountain park.  We spent 5-6 hours here.  The kids could have spent even longer if we would have let them, except Mateo, he was ready for bed.  We ate, the kids played in the sand, swung on the swings, slides, golf, and baseball and a few other little games.  We had so much fun.  We went with Dave's family, Rachie's family, and Grandma Betty and Grandpa Gil.  We all had a really nice time.   A very fun filled day!

Memorial Day- Horse Riding

Today was a fun packed day.  It started off by putting up our trampoline.  Then I told the kids we were going to ride horses and the next thing I see is Lili all ready to go in her cowgirl outfit.  She looked so cute.  She had her cowgirl shirt, boots, and hat on, along with a necklace, bracelet and wallet.   Cute thing!
We left to meat Rachie and Dave's family at the equestrian center.  We had the windows down and music blasting, we look back and Lili is holding on to her hat for dear life loving singing her lungs out to the song. hahahah
We got to the equestrian center and got the horses ready and each of the kids got 2 turns riding and then Holly, Rachel, Quique, and Dave got a turn also.  Dave was scared (me too, that's why I didn't ride) so McKenna led his horse around.  Then she let go of the rope and Dave's horse came trotting over to where we all were.  He was hilarious!  Rachel looked like a pro out there.  Papi and Auntie Holly did really well too.

Saturday, May 25, 2013

Yard- Day 1

Here are some before and midway shots.  We are redoing our front yard.  We are taking out 2 of the big flower beds and putting sod.  I am so excited.  We ran out of time today so next Saturday hopefully we can finish.

Friday, May 24, 2013


The last day of soccer was rained out.  Gaby's team had a make up game tonight.  So we took team photos at half time.  The girls were undefeated all year.  They play so well together.  The coach took the girls for ice cream after to Dylan's.  We are trying to figure out if they can all be together next year, Gaby would have to be allowed to play a year ahead if they all stay together, so we will see.  She has just exploded from her shell and does so well at soccer now.  Her coach, Jared Worthington, has been the best coach by far.  He had patience to teach her and help her become awesome.  Thanks Jared!  We are so proud of you Gaby!!!