Thursday, December 30, 2010

Happy Anniversary

I was in charge of our anniversary this year. I had to make up for 2 years ago when I was in charge. We were in Mexico and everything I planned there failed miserably to say the least. So I had to make this one spectacular....and I did it!!!!!! Everything was in place at least a month in advance and I was going crazy not telling Quique so it could be a surprise. I almost told him at least half a dozen times but he stopped me and didn't want to know because I can't keep things like that to myself. So this is what we did.... During the day, while Quique was at work, the kids and I packed all of our things to be gone for the night. The kids were going to Dave & Holly's for the night and Enrique and I were going to a hotel (but he didn't know yet..hehehe). Then we loaded the van with everything. Holy Cow! That was just for one night. It had snowed during the day so I packed all the kids snow gear so they could go sled riding or play in the snow. After we packed the van, we went to the hotel to drop our stuff off. I checked us in and guess what..we were the guest of the day! Then we went up to the room. The girls were playing all over, then they played in the jacuzzi the rest of the time. I set up a try on the bed with Enrique's favorite chocolates and the chocolates Aunt Peggy had in our hotel room for our honeymoon along with sparkling grape juice (which we don't like-haha) in the ice container, with 2 champagne glasses. It looked nice. Then the kids helped me put the chocolates around the jacuzzi, took a photo and then we left. We went back home because we had more time than I thought to go take the kids to Dave & Holly's. I wasn't sure what time Enrique would be coming home. He said the earliest would be around 4:30pm. So that was the drop off time for the kids. I took the kids over and when I got back, he was home already. I changed for a nice evening out, then we left. I let him pick were to go for dinner because I couldn't decide. We ended up going to Chili's for dinner. It was so nice to be eating dinner with out so many distractions. Then we went to Savior of the World that is put on at the Conference Center. It was absolutely amazing. It totally put things into perspective. We both want to take the kids there and make it a tradition to do every Christmas but kids have to be 8 years old to go. So we have to wait a while. After that we were off towards home. I told him to take a different exit and he giggled and asked were to go and I told him. He couldn't believe it. Then I finally could tell him everything. It was so cool. I actually pulled it off like I planned and it was simply spectacular! It was so nice to be able to have a little time for just us and not have to worry or rush back to get the kids. It was wonderful. Happy Anniversary Love! I love you!!!!!

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Merry Christmas

Merry Christmas! The kids woke up around 8am, which was shocking but nice. We couldn't believe they woke up so late. They ran down and jumped on Marky Karky to tell him Santa came. They all came up and we opened presents. It was so nice. Lili woke up shortly after that and she just wanted Papi and nothing else. After a while, she got down and opened some presents. She opened two presents and was done. They made noise and she wasn't interested in anything else. The other girls however, were going crazy with everything Santa brought them. They kept opening and opening. They wanted to stop and play with what they had already opened. Then after presents, they just played. It is the coolest feeling just sitting back and watching your kids enjoy Christmas so much. It was surreal. Santa left a note back to the girls, telling them he does love his job and thanked Isabel for reminding him about Marky Karky being here. It was such a nice laid back day. Mark took Gaby and Isabel birding with him and they had fun. We weren't finished cleaning up Christmas morning when Sean & Erika got here. Dave and Holly came back over for a bit. We did our adult present exchange, then Dave and Holly were off to Holly's parents house. We had a nice dinner with Mark, Sean, Erika, & the kids. Santa brought a few movies so we all went down and watched one of the new movies. Then the kids played and it was just a wonderful day being with everyone and watching the kids have so much fun. Merry Christmas everyone. Hopefully yours was as wonderful as ours!

Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve

Christmas Eve was really nice. Mark, Dave, Holly, & their kids came over for the evening. We had a nice dinner all together. The kids went down stairs and played a bit and then we got the show on the way. The kids reenacted the birth of Jesus Christ. Gaby was Mary, Caden was Joseph, McKenna was an angel, Avery was a shepherd, Isabel & Addie were the wise men. They were all dressed up in their costumes we pulled together from Holly's dress up box and ours too. We thought maybe we should invest in some material and make them for next year, but it was still cute. They did a good job. Dave was the narrator. After that it was getting late and the kids were getting anxious to get to bed so Santa could come. They all got to open a present, which is always pj's. Dave & Holly left shortly after that and our kids got in bed. They wanted to sleep in Lili's room so they could be all together. So we got the air mattress out and they slept on that. They were so excited. We had to leave a letter for Santa with cookies and milk. Actually 2 letters, one from Gaby and one from Isabel. Gaby's letter said something like, "Dear Santa, I was good this year. I hope you like your job." Isabel's was something like, "Dear Santa, Marky Karky is sleeping at our house tonight so please leave his presents here. He was good." They were so cute. It is so wonderful to have family so near and to get together with them so much. Merry Christmas! (Pictures to come)

Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Happy Birthday Isabel

Today is Isabel's 4th birthday. It seems like she's been in our family a lot longer than four years. We had a fun packed day today. Papi took off work for this special day. We took the birthday girl to Boondocks (a family fun center), we had the whole place to ourselves. She bowled, road the bumper boats & soaked her mom with the water that shoots from the boat (but I got her & Papi back too) & a lot of arcades. We came home and had lunch and then went to pick up Lili from Holly. Then we were off to Gaby's school. We went to help her class with making candy houses. It was a lot of fun. Gaby was so excited that her Papi was in her class, it was special for her. After school we came home so Lili could get an hour nap and then we were off to dinner. Isabel has been begging to go to Texas Roadhouse for dinner. At this restaurant they have peanuts in buckets and you through the shells on the floor and the kids just love it. They can be silly and make a mess at a restaurant...they love it! While we were there, Isabel got a free birthday dinner, a birthday sunday and she got to sit on the saddle and they (the workers and the whole restaurant) cheers and yells "YEEEHAA" really loud. Her face was hilarious, she wasn't sure how to take everyone yelling to her. Then we came home and our porch had more presents waiting for her. She is a well loved child. Happy birthday Isabel, we love you so much!!!!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Christmas Lights

Friday night we went down to see the lights at Temple Square. Last time we did that was when Gaby was Lili's age. It was a really nice family outing. I made pizza and we ate that on the way down and bundled everyone up nice and warm and took hot chocolate for when we got back to the van. It wasn't nearly as cold or as crowded we thought it would be. We went at the kids pace and they even took turns pushing the stroller. We got some great photos. One of my favorite ones is of the kids in front of the Maori nativity scene(from New Zealand). It was nice relaxing night out. I am so thankful for our kids. They are good girls, well behaved & well mannered. Especially this time of year, I am grateful for our Savior and his birth, life, death, & resurrection. I am thankful our children know Him and have their own testimonies of Him. I hope you all have the spirit of Christmas this holiday season, like we felt very abundantly this night, and to share it with those around you. Merry Christmas!!!

Saturday, November 27, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving

This Thanksgiving was at our home this year. It was really nice. The food was delicious and the company was great. Lili helped unload the dishwasher, well tried to help at least. Mark came up & it was great talking to him and being with him, the kids just love him to death. The kids all played so well that the adults got to sit and talk a long while. We had games and crafts ready for the kids but they all played downstairs most of the time so we didn't do it, nobody even cared either. It was a nice relaxing day. I am so thankful for my family and living so close to my brothers and their families so the kids grow up together like siblings not just cousins. It is really nice. Thanks to all of you for you do for our family. We love you and miss you too!

Snow Angels

We had a blizzard last week, it was pretty bad but we didn't end up getting much snow out of it. I thought it would be a lot worse because I couldn't even see the house across the street from us most of the day. The next day the kids went out and played. Isabel didn't last long because for some reason Gaby was undressing her outside and she was crying her head off. It was pretty funny I have to admit. But they made some cool snow angels!

Playing in the Leaves

Enrique and the girls were out 'racking' the leaves before the big storm was to hit and guess what. They were just outside playing in them for hours. They had a ton of fun that's for sure.