Thursday, February 24, 2011


So...Enrique let Lili feed herself yogurt and this is the outcome, more on the outside of her than inside. Hahahaha Now she won't let me feed her anymore, so it's going to be bath's 3 times a day, great! Thanks babe!!!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Big Girl Bed

Lili slept in her big girl toddler bed last night for the first time. She stayed in her bed and didn't even get out when she woke up. She called me and then was standing on her pillow with arms in the air waiting for me to get her. She just took her nap in the toddler bed today too...waiting for me to get her out. My baby is growing too fast.

Monday, February 21, 2011

Toothless Gaby

Since Quique had to work late Friday and Mark was gone for the weekend, I let the girls have a late night with friends. They invited a few friends over to watch a movie & have popcorn. Quique wasn't as late as I thought he'd be & Gaby's been begging to have him pull out her other he did.

Monday, February 7, 2011

No Go Steelers

So we went to Dave's house to watch the Super Bowl game. It was fun for kids and adults (until they lost). It was nice being all together and the excitement of it all. Even though we lost and my brothers moped about it, we had a nice time. Maybe next time they'll win....

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Church History Museum

We took the kids down to the Church History Museum today and they absolutely loved it. There is a kids play area on the second floor that we just found out about. The theme is Mi Vida (my life). It is really fascinating, everything is in Spanish & English. It's mostly about stories from the Book of Mormon and the life style of Latin American culture. There is an area where the kids dress up and follow the dancers on the monitor and dance along with them (Gaby's most favorite). There is kitchen/garden area (which Lili absolutely loved), Nephi's ship (another favorite of all 3 girls), The Tree of Life stamps, Latin American fabric dolls & wooden dolls to dress, an area to build a temple, and interactive computers (another favorite), plus lots more. We were there 2 hours and that was not nearly long enough for them. So I think we'll be going back on a regular basis, to say the least. It is such a family friendly environment, plus it is FREE! Can't beat that.