Monday, October 31, 2011

Happy Halloween

Today was a busy day for us.  We went to Papi's work to trick or treat and to see "Papi's girls".  Papi took us to lunch and we ate a park then took him back to work.  Then we went straight to Kenzie's birthday party at the park.  Came home and Lili and I took a nap while the big girls watched a movie.  Then it was time for dinner and then trick or treating. 
I went with them for about an hour then Lili and I stayed home and passed out our treats.   I am so glad I went for the first little bit.  The kids had so much fun.  Lili loved it.  She would run up behind the big girls, mumble trick or treat, stick her bucket out and then mumble thank you, come down off the porch and run to the next house.  It was so funny to watch her.  If she was too slow then Gaby or Isabel would just get a candy for her and put it in her bucket.  By the end, of Lili and I, it was dark and Lili was falling and crying almost at every house.  Then she knew we were coming home without Papi, Gaby, and Isabel and cried so hard and so loud.  She was so upset with me, she was throwing herself everywhere in the house.  She finally stopped when I got her jamies on and let her eat her candies. 
Papi and the big kids stopped home briefly to dump out some candy because it was too heavy and went back out for another hour.  They got home and sorted their candies and went to bed.  We all had a fun filled day.
Once I get the rest of the photos from today, I'll post them.

Sunday, October 30, 2011

Trunk or Treat

We had our neighborhood's Trunk or Treat yesterday.  The kids were very upset we hadn't gotten pumpkins yet so we got some, we got home and carved them.  Then we went to the trunk or treat.  It was nice.  Many people came and the kids got full buckets of candy.  I really didn't think they'd get that much but they did get quite a bit.  We came home and they haven't stopped eating candy since!

Saturday, October 29, 2011

Lili's New Big Girl Bed

Lili got a new big girl bed.  She is officially out of the toddler bed and in a twin bed.  She was so excited she just played and played in bed for a long time that night.  She has since showed us her tricks she's discovered, like turning on and off the light, which she loves.  She has a stool near the end of the bed so she can get in by herself and her old mattress on the floor next to the bed in case she falls out but she hasn't yet.  She really feels like the big girls now!

Friday, October 28, 2011

Halloween Carnival

Mark took the big girls to Gaby's school Halloween Carnival.  Enrique had to work late and I was having not feeling good so Mark took them.  They had a great time.  They got to play games, win prizes and even get their faces painted.  Thanks  Karkus for taking them!

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Fun Family Photos

Mark took some family photos for us, it was lots of fun.  Thanks Karky!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Go, Go, Go BYU

We went down to the BYU football game today.  Enrique and I have been super excited for this day to come.  We told the kids we had a fun day planned but we didn't tell them until they saw where we were and put it together themselves.  Once they realized we weren't going to miss the football game after all and we were going to it, they were ecstatic! 
First, we went to the BYU bookstore to buy everyone shirts.  It was a mad house before the game there.  The kids all chose the same shirts so they could match.  Papi finally found his he had been wanting to buy and I found one too.  We got pom poms too for the girls.  They were super excited to get to go 'in' to BYU because we've always just drove by and told them what we did in the buildings.  This time we showed them things with in that same building.  They want to go bowling there, because Enrique and I would go on dates there.
After the bookstore, they got their shirts on as soon as we got back to the car.  Then we went to the last of the pregame events in the parking lot across from the stadium.  We missed most of it.  Only 3 vendors were open still so we got in line and we were the very last people to be in line.  We got free beanie hats and little bags the kids can wear on their backs.  They were super excited about that, not that they got hats and bags that said BYU on them but that they were FREE!  hahaha (I'm training them good, right?!)
Next it was time for the game.  We had great seats.  We were real close to the field.  The girls were all into the game and having fun.  Lili on the other hand, was completely into the game.  She didn't leave Enrique's lap until half time and was yelling loudly, "GO, GO, GO!"  when it was appropriate to do so.  She also would do the sign for 'first down' and after each touchdown the band would play the usual song and then Lili would do the right arm movements that went along with the touchdown song.  It was hilarious.  It was awesome!  Enrique was so proud.  You should have seem him beaming, his 1 year old completely undistracted watching the football game with him.  It was sweet!  We all had a blast. Thanks Papi for a great family outing!  (BYU won 56-3 over Idaho State.)

Wednesday, October 19, 2011


We went to the park this morning to let the kids get some energy out.  It was a beautiful fall morning so I took some photos while we were there.

Sunday, October 16, 2011

After Church

We came home from church and had a nice relaxing day.  Abuelito and Abuelita played with the girls and then Papi got home from his meetings.  We helped them pack up their van because they are leaving in the morning.  Then Uncle Dave and Caden came over to visit (everyone else is sick).  So they started jumping rope.  Unusually we don't let the girls play outside on Sundays however, they took advantage of the fact that we were all out side packing up the van.  It was a nice visit but too short.  The kids really love when they are here and miss them terribly when they aren't with us.  However, they will be back for the baby's birth.
Then right before bed, Abuelita let the girls play with her good jewelry.  They looked so fashionable!

Saturday, October 15, 2011

Baby Shower

Today Erika and Holly had a baby shower for me here at our house.  It was really nice and many people came.  So now we aren't lacking too many things for our little boy now.  Our friends and neighbors have been very generous to us.  We are good for the first 6 months for sure, except diapers and wipes of course, but clothes wise we are stocked now.  I was a bit nervous because we didn't have much for him, just getting things here and there.  There are some really cute boy clothes out there, well at least infant boy things, hehehe.  I will load photos when I get them.  Holly took all the photos on her camera.  It was nice to have Enrique's mom here for the shower too.  She really enjoyed it as well.  Erika and Holly wanted to do the shower before the holidays came and got to crazy so I suggested while Celia was here and it all turned out great.  Thanks again Erika and Holly!

Friday, October 14, 2011

Last Soccer

Today was Isabel's last soccer game until spring.  She was very excited that Abuelita and Abuelito got to see her play.  She got 2 goals and did really well.  However, while Isabel's playing little miss muffit Lili had to play with Abueltio.  He took her all over.   One time she ran on to the field and she is carrying her off the field like a football. She loved it!  She loves her Abuelitos so much.
Poor Isabel was so tired still from last night that she needed a break but there weren't enough girls for her to have a break so towards the end she was just jogging around.  She has done so well with soccer and she really likes it.


Enrique's parents came to visit for a several days.  Their close friends' son got married last Thursday, so they came for that and stayed a few days longer.  We all went to the wedding reception.  It was a blast.  You gotta love Mexican fiestas!  They are unlike anything American by far and always the most fun you'd ever have. 
The reception started at 8pm.  We are all getting ready for a reception when in reality the kids are usually getting ready for bed, hahahaha.  But they all know and love fiestas!  They have been super excited to go to this reception.
We got there and ate dinner then the dancing started and didn't stop until 1:30am.  Gaby and Lili were still dancing til the end.  Isabel was done dancing around 11pm, she's the little 'gringa' for sure, hahaha.  After a while they got out the silly hats, masks, necklaces, blow things and party stuff.  The kids loved it. Isabel found some friends to play with while the rest of us were dancing. 
Once dance put me over the top and I couldn't dance any more.  I had several contractions that we had to stop for and the one dance I pulled a ligament and that's what did me in for the night, at like midnight-hahaha  That particular dance is my favorite too!  We go dancing fast around the dance floor and part of it involves a jump backwards and going forwards.  I should have known.  But it was super fun.
We got home at 2am.  Lili and Isabel fell asleep before we even left.  While they were saying their goodbyes, I took Lili and Isabel to the van to put their pj's on and they were sleeping before Enrique's parents were done saying goodbye. Gaby didn't fall asleep until she was in bed.  She was still excited about all the dancing.
Gaby loves to dance, especially at the receptions.  She was out on the dance floor by herself, with Papi, or with Abueltio, she didn't care.  That girl danced the whole night.  Then there's Lili, she loves dancing too but with Papi or Abuelito.  She would run out to the dance floor if she saw Papi or Abueltio, push their partner out of her way and make them dance with her!  It was hilarious to watch.  All in all, we had a wonderful evening.